The Cheese Stands Alone
A Dr. At Mystery
      If there is anything house call veterinarian, Dr. At, hates worse than a vegetarian lasagna, it's seeing farm animals in the city. The mysterious deaths among an urban farmer's chicken flock seem to somehow be connected to a neighboring dog whose owner is convinced is seeing the ghost of her recently murdered husband. Add in the aliens working in a secret underground base readying to unleash a deadly plaque on the city and Dr. At has his hands full.
​     Things only get worse when his mother decides to set him up on a blind date and his remote receptionist, Sheila, gives him a very unusual birthday gift. His date turns out to be an amateur medium and convices Dr. At that a seance may be helpful in discovering the true cause of his patient's unease. When she actually makes contact with the dog's owner, the mysterious phrase, "The Cheese Stands Alone," turns out to be more meaningful than anyone could have guess.
     Funny, touching, and full of surprises.


Give a Dog a Bone
A Dr. At Mystery
​​     An early emergency call starts a series of events which land Dr. At in the middle of several mysteries. His day is off to a bad start when an apparently simple illness fails to respond to his best efforts. When the owner becomes ill as well, he is convinced that the two cases are connected.​​
     Then the unexpected death of another patient while staying at a shady boarding kennel leads to a shocking discovery. Finally, a DOA dog, snagged by customs from a flight from Khazakhstan at O'Hare Airport, puts him in the middle of a Homeland Security smuggling investigation. There he meets Chicago cop, Marcy Avers, who uses her skills as a cop to track down the smugglers, and her feminine wiles to help Atty trace the source of a deadly infection.
     Give a Dog a Bone Is filled with laughs, tears, and unexpected turns at every page. It's a great read for pet lovers and mystery fans. Once you start, you won't be able to put it down.


Hickory Dickory Doc
A Dr. At Mystery
​     Dr. At is off to Orlando for his annual veterinary conference. A week of lectures, reconnecting with old friends, and more importantly an escape from his clients and patients. His departure is almost thwarted by a persistent client with a seizuring dog, and the threat of his mother moving back to Chicago after a fight with his Aunt Eunice.
​     At the airport he runs into Lilith, a classmate he hasn't seen in ten years and a decade old mystery of Muffin, a dog who die and disappeared in vet school, is dredged up. When another classmate goes missing and Atty is accused of his murder, all eyes turn to Chet Hickory, his arch-nemesis from school who was also a prime suspect in the Muffin incident.
​     Atty's friend Marcy, a Chicago Cop, and remote receptionist Sheila come to his aid to help clear his name, and also help in clearing up the ten-year old incident that almost resulted in his entiring vet school class getting expelled. That mystery also turns out to be the key to solving the medical mystery with the seizuring dog back home.


The Cat and the Fiddle
A Dr. At Mystery

     Things start to go wrong when Dr. At's remote receptionist, Sheila, mysteriously disappears. First, a call from a worried client interrupts his day off, with the claim that their cat is pooping diamonds. Then a close call with an angry motorist puts him in the crazy driver's crosshairs for revenge and a client pays him with what turns out to be a valuable violin seperated from it's rightful owner.
     When the cat continues to pass more interesting objects, Dr. At links the cat's unusual dietary choices with the disappearance of two young girls in the neighborhood. The discovery that his remote receptionist is actually married, puts their whole friendship up in the air.
    After Atty convinces his friend and Chicago Cop, Marcy Avers, to help him investigate an abandoned hot dog stand where he believes the missing girls are being held, they are nearly kllled when a bomb destroys his car and the priceless violin.
   Events culminate when Marcy and Atty suspect the detective investigating the case of the missing girls may be involved himself, and Sheila and Atty finally meet.